Whatever happened to the faith in the power of truth?

Whatever happened to the faith in the power of truth? If the evangelical understanding of the faith is genuinely true and strong and anchored in Scripture, then it shouldn’t need to protect people from exposure to dissenting ideas. Children, maybe, but grad students? See, I’m old-fashioned. I have so much faith in the power of truth, the power of orthodoxy, that I believe that strong, well-nourished, well-grounded faith, that clings to Jesus Christ and knows how to think critically, will not go far astray for long. Arm your students with the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, and then give them a long leash. They might charge off for a bit in some scary directions, but you should rest assured that whatever they bring back from their intellectual adventures will be fruitful new insights that nourish and strengthen the faith, rather than destroying it.

Brad Littlejohn

The Dangers of Politically Inspired Moral Outrage

It is a bad idea to demonize your opponents with epithets such “shameful” and “lying,” given that the case was not made that proposed gun-control legislation would have prevented a Sandy Hook. To prevent these school-shooting horrors might require either armed guards in schools, or Draconian new laws about gratuitous screen and video-game violence, or more frequently incarcerating the mentally unstable, or, on the theory of reducing rapid rates of fire, confiscating millions of previously sold semi-automatic handguns and rifles. All those measures would have offended millions across the political spectrum in ways that demonizing the NRA apparently does not. In the end, it was not the “lying” “gun lobby” that persuaded enough senators to defeat the bill, but the president’s inability to make the argument that his proposals would help stop another Sandy Hook or Columbine.

Victor Davis Hanson

The torment of watching the Steelers this year

Gerald Sensabaugh, Emmanuel Sanders, Eric Frampton

I am torn about this Steelers team. Are they a good team dealing with a lot of injuries and unable to get out of their own way or a bad team with some talent here and there? Some of both I would guess.

But the funny thing is, if they win out they are in the playoffs. And incredibly if they win out and the Ravens lose their last two games the Steelers win the division (according to this playoff scenario generator) and get a home playoff game. Much more likely is they travel to Denver in the playoffs and lose again (won’t that be fun!).

I almost wish they would just lose and put me out of my misery.

Of course, I don’t really wish for that, but will instead dream of getting healthy and hot at just the right time and making a run. Heck, a playoff win on the road would be a miracle at this point, even making the playoffs will be a challenge (they have lost four of thier last five) but they are at home against the Bengals and Browns.

It is easy to blame this painful season on injuries. They have had at least one of their best defenders out every game and frequently two or three. Today they were down to their 4th and 5th CBs I think.  The offensive line has been a mess, WRs and RBs have been hurt with regularity, and of course Ben missed some crucial games and has struggled in critical times upon return. But lots of teams are struggling with injuries. The last two weeks they lost to teams with significant injuries, so that is not much of an excuse.

What is really frustrating is just how they can’t seem to be consistent. The start slow today and then make some big plays, get back into it, and take the lead. Antonio Brown promptly fumbles a punt return when they very well could have sealed the game with points.  Brown then fails to field a punt and gives Dallas like 20 yards but the Steelers make it up on a pass play combined with a roughing the passer penalty … and the offensive line becomes a sieve and Ben is sacked twice forcing a punt. After remarkably holding the Dallas on a crucial defensive stand the Steelers get the ball first in overtime. Touchdown and they win and are looking good. Ben throws a pick and game over.

Game after game the Steelers struggled to close out games against poor teams losing to Oakland, Tennessee and San Diego and barely beating Philadelphia and Kansas City. When the defense plays well, the offense struggles when the offense get going the defense can’t stop anyone. It is a torment because they have some talent, when healthy, and they can look pretty good at times but you never feel like they can put a game away.  Somehow the whole is less than the parts.

My gut tells me this is a potentially dangerous but pretty mediocre team. After all, their best win is probably one at Cincinnati or against a decent Washington team at home. Wins against the Giants and Ravens don’t look all that impressive now that those teams are struggling. The funny thing is the Steelers were two late game field goals from being 7-1 in the first half of the season and a couple of last second wins against the Ravens and Chiefs from losing six games in a row after that.  If you have weak nerves, I don’t recommend watching the Steelers

So the season comes down to two divisional games. Beat the Bengals and the Browns and they are in the dance and maybe even with a chance to do something when they get there. But a loss to the Bengals will cement this as a bad team despite the talent on the roster.

What’s that they say? Hope springs eternal …


Thanks for your patience

I am still trying to decide exactly how I want this page to look and how it should work.  Just an FYI (not that anyone is reading at this point).

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Just another WordPress blog …

I have decided to once again put a blog driven site at the front end of Kevin Holtsberry Dot Com. I feel like in 2013 I need to start over to a certain degree with this site and this is the first step.

Of course, we will have to see whether I can actually populate this with content. The idea is for this to be more about me and my life (rather egocentric, I know but such is the internet, right?).  So look for a mix of family, culture, sports, and whatever else strikes me at the time.

The question is whether Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr et al has fatally undermined what you might call long form blogging.  I guess we will find out, won’t we?

Any ideas or feedback always welcome in the comments.

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