ROP-holtsberry-kevin-Buckeye-Institute croppedAs you can tell from the URL and title of this page, my name is Kevin Holtsberry.  I work in government policy and public affairs. My experience includes: a decade of work in state government, president of a free market think tank, new media director for a winning US Senate campaign and ghost writer of both op-eds and books.  I have a Masters degree in history and have taught at the college level.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and have two wonderful children.  When work and family allow I like to read books and watch football.  Despite living in Columbus, Ohio I am a fan of the University of Michigan and Pittsburgh Steelers football teams. If I can carve out a few hours on a Sunday afternoon I like to watch golf too.


There have been a number of blogs in this space or domain (Kevin’s Ideas, A Nickle’s Worth of Free Advice, Notes On A Life, etc.) and for a variety of reasons I totally messed up the links.

So I apologize for that. If you surfed in here looking for old content, you can probably find it here.

This site is part learning tool, part testing site, part marketing tool, part blog and part cheap therapy. That combination of elements means it is unstable and likely to change regularly.

So, sorry about that too.